About the Artist
     Angela Bermejo started to show her artistic talents from her early childhood.
    Born in Brazil, she studied Fine Arts in Sao Paulo and Italy. While in Brazil she was influenced by, amongst others, renowned artists such as Nair Kremer, Araquém Alcantara, Arnaldo Battaglini, Carlos Palma.

    She had wide exposure and the opportunity to work and to explore several mediums: Graphic Design, Installations, Photography, Lithography and Painting.

    She has lived and worked in Italy as well as Chile and being now based in Singapore, influences from Latin America, Europe and Asia are part of her cultural background and artistic process. In
Singapore she contributed with her art to the Red Cross, SPCA,   Embassy of Chile, Embassy of Brazil and the Chinese Women's Association.

    She builds her art as a mosaic, composed alongside her life in a continuous transformation process using diverse techniques and
 styles. At the moment she is dedicated to Figurative- Abstract paintings in acrylic.

Angela Bermejo also does commissioned art using one her many techniques: impressionism, realism, knife, etc.